Since 2015 HTR Engineering has been offering Consultants, Contractors, and Companies who wish to work with Defence or a similar organisation a low-cost Contract Aggregator business model.

This service offers:

  • A very low hourly administrative fee

A flat rate fee per hour is charged. The fee is not percentage based, hence the Consultant is charged a low fee per hour irrespective of the salary paid or the charge out fee.

  • Insurance Cover

Which may include:

  • Professional Indemnity (PI)
  • Public Liability (PL)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Workers Compensation.
  • Pay Roll Service

This service allows the Engineers to be engaged on:

  • A Pay as You Go Basis (PAYG) Employment
  • Superannuation
  • Living Away from Home Allowances (LAFHA), Novated Vehicle Packaging
  • Payroll Management Services.

Traditionally many Engineers have found it difficult to access and subcontract to Defence as the various sub-contracting service providers are cost prohibitive and offer poor value for money. Many Consulting Engineers have specialised Defence skill sets and expertise, but are not members of the DMOSS / CASG Panel. This service was designed to allow individuals to easily access the CASG Panel Tenders at minimal cost.

The schemes most attractive benefit is that it offers Consultants an easy and cost effective channel for accessing Defence Panel work or working for a Prime through a Proprietary Limited Company.

This Aggregator service is not limited to Consultants and smaller SME Companies but any organisation including Primes who may wish to Subcontract to either a Defence SPO or use the HTR Engineering Panel membership as a cost efficient channel to engage with Defence.