Defence Engineering Solutions

Consulting Aggregation Services (CAS)

Since 2015 HTR Engineering has been offering Consultants, Contractors, and Companies who wish to work with Defence or a similar organisation a low-cost Contract Aggregator business model.

This service offers:

  • A very low hourly administrative fee
  • Insurance Cover
  • Pay Roll Service

This service was designed to allow individuals to easily access the CASG Panel Tenders at minimal cost.

Sea/Air/Land (SEAL)

In 2009 HTR Engineering was admitted to the DMOSS Panel. HTR Engineering was awarded Seventy Eight (78) Skill Sets and Thirteen (13) Disciplines. Since then we have serviced a range of SEA, AIR and LAND Projects for Defence.

  • SEA - We have serviced many Naval SPO’s with a range of Maritime skill sets from Naval Architecture to Maritime Systems Engineering.
  • AIR -  We have serviced a range of Aviation SPO’s with specialist Engineering skills sets.
  • LAND -  Our team work all over Australia. We are proud of the Consultants we have supplied to Defence.

Cyber Security

HTR Engineers have assisted in the development of strategy and innovation to secure private and defence networks that hold their sensitive data. Our Engineers have extensive experience in:

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Collaboration
  • Monitoring and authentication
  • Network visibility and modernization
  • Insider threats
  • Big data and technical enablement

Security Clearances