Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA)

The AGSVA is responsible for granting, revalidating and re-evaluating security clearances for the Commonwealth (excluding other authorised vetting agencies) in compliance with Australian Government protective security policies. The AGSVA promotes government national security objectives by assessing the eligibility and suitability of people who require access to security protected or other sensitive official information or assets to do their work.

DISP Membership

In April 2014, HTR was granted membership for the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). This facility has helped HTR to expedite the Security Clearances for Defence Personnel.

HTR offers a full background checking service. This service is designed to assist a Company requiring background checks for personnel, both domestic and foreign. Reference checks and confirmation of a person’s employment history are crucial for the selection of professional Engineering personnel.

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Vetting Services - Overview

The Defence Industry Sector usually requires all personnel to hold some level of security clearance. The Candidate will usually be required to have Australian Citizenship and have a ten (10) year checkable history in Australia. There are however exemptions for foreign Companies and personnel to this process but this process normally applies to local resident Australian Citizens.

All those above RESTRICTED are Designated Security Assessment Positions (DSAPs).

The four levels of personnel security clearances are:

  • BASELINE entails screening to permit ongoing access to Australian Government resources security classified at the RESTRICTED and PROTECTED level. This is the mandatory minimum clearance for Defence civilians and Defence contractors;
  • NEGATIVE VETTING – LEVEL 1 (NVL1); a suitability assessment that permits ongoing access to RESTRICTED, PROTECTED, HIGHLY PROTECTED, CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET information and assets.The suitability assessment includes BASELINE plus additional suitability checks.
  • NEGATIVE VETTING – LEVEL 2 (NVL2); a background investigation that permits ongoing access to RESTRICTED, PROTECTED, HIGHLY PROTECTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET information and assets. The investigation includes BASELINE plus additional suitability checks as well as background interviews.
  • TOP SECRET POSITIVE VETTING (TSPV); permits access to resources at all classification levels, including certain types of caveated and code-word information, and usually relates to employment in an Australian Intelligence Community agency. TSPV clearances must be approved by the appropriate authority.


The AGSVA aims to finalise all security clearances within the agreed benchmark timeframes and is committed to completing them faster where possible, subject to maintaining the integrity of the vetting processes, PSPF compliance, and timely support from defence industry providers and the clearance subject. Benchmark timeframes are:

  • Baseline Vetting:              One month
  • Negative Vetting 1:          Four months
  • Negative Vetting 2:          Six months
  • Positive Vetting:               Six months to Twelve months

For more detailed information please refer to the attached AGSVA Security Information Guidelines Document.

HTR offers Consultants the avenue to gain AGSVA Security accreditation. Please read this document and refer to attachment four (4) for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently HTR is renewing our DISP Membership, please contact the team at [email protected] for more information on processing times.