HTR Engineering team work all over Australia. We are proud of the Consultants we have supplied to Defence. Below are tabled some of the projects we have been involved with:

JP2047 Telstra Terrestrial Communications Network

JP 2047 is a multi-phased project to maintain and improve Defence’s networked communications infrastructure. Telstra Corporation was the Prime Contractor for JP2047 Terrestrial Communications Network Program. HTR Engineering was asked by Telstra to provide a range of ITC skill sets for the Canberra based team. HTR Engineering provided JP2047 with a range of ITC Skill sets from 2013 to 2015. During the three year’ engagement period we supplied Telstra Corp a team of Defence Security Cleared Personnel. The skill sets included; Project Managers, Project Schedulers, ITIL Consultants, DOOR Consultants, Technical Writers, ILS Engineers, Security Consultants, Rollout – Deployment Managers, Systems Engineers and ITC Testers.

The HTR Engineering team supported the project throughout the design, build, test and trials and final phases of three silos. This support included all aspects of test and trials management on behalf of Telstra including:

  • Development, review and revision of test plans and testing.
  • Coordination of specialist equipment and Communication Systems assets.
  • Identification and development of SEMP, Systems Templates and ILS Costings, Schedules and DOORS Planning.

DSTG JORN Buccaneer and Biarri Satellite Risk Mitigation Mission

DST Group Edinburgh constructed a ground segment to perform command and control of the small satellites.  Services required from HTR Engineering were to implement a complete ground segment software solution at DSTG by developing new software components and integrating existing components. Also, we assisted with flight software development for the Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission. This task has a system/software engineering focus.

DSTG Tactical Data Link Experimentation Capability Design Study

HTR Engineering in consultation with DST Group staff, evaluate the existing baseline Link 16 simulation capability and develop a set of design options for evolving this capability to support a multi-TDL environment (and other required information exchange technologies). These design options will be used to guide the future development of infrastructure for conducting research activities in tactical information management, dissemination and representation.

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) F Branch Senior Contracts Officer

The ASD required an experienced Senior Contract Officer to assist in the review and development of contracts for the F Section I&S Mission System Sustainment Programme and to be an ongoing member of the Sustainment Team for a period of at least 12 months to possibly 24 months. I&S Mission System Sustainment Programme has a requirement to employ a number of individual contractors and companies to assist in the sustainment of developed capability. HTR’s Consultant is required to review current contacts to ensure value for money is being achieved and to identify what services are legally required to be provided. Furthermore, he is required to develop a number of standard sustainment contracts and contract management plans. This position requires our Consultant to participate in contract negotiations and discussions with vendors and assist in contract management tasks.

LAND1771 Phase 1 – Logistics Support Analysis LAND 1771

LAND1771 Phase 1 – Logistics Support. JP1771 seeks to modernise the field survey equipment and geospatial data collection capability by the ADF. Use of appropriate modern technology will improve speed, accuracy and increase the automation of tasks. Whilst not all survey activities will be able to be automated, efficiencies in surveying and geospatial data collection can be achieved. Increased use of computerised modern technologies will enable survey and geospatial data to be rapidly disseminated, thus increasing the efficiency of the land forces surveying capability. It is intended that JP1771 will deliver a variety of geospatial data collection and survey equipment that will provide appropriate capability across the range of threat environments likely to be encountered by ADF elements. HTR Engineering Consulting Engineer has the following skill sets and demonstrated experience in Logistics Support, specifically assist in completing the logistics aspects of the Overhead Imagery System tendering process. Also, assist in writing Project Collaboration Agreements (PCAs) for the delivery of: Deployable ICT (CISSO), Land Survey System (NWSPO), Littoral and Riverine Survey System (HSPO), and Image Product Library (AGO/CIOG).

TIEIO SPO – Tactical Integration Exchange Information Office Systems Program OfficeChange / Implementation Manager

The TIEIO SPO needed a HR Change Manager / Implementation Manager to manage the Change Management support services process. As HR Change Manager/Implementation Manager, our Consultant was responsible for the transition of 32 APS employees to a new organisational structure. This encompassed many stages, but primarily under the instructions of a Staff Transition Plan. This high-level Plan detailed the overarching principles and specific arrangements that will apply to the management of employees affected by this change activity, including the roles and responsibilities of key parties, timeframes, consultation and communication arrangements and the strategy that will apply to transitioning employees to the new organisation. Some of the stages required to complete the job satisfactorily were; development of 32 Position Profiles, a complex accommodation plan, Establishment Variation Proposal (EVP), Branch Organisational Chart and formatting a suitable training matrix identifying training gap analysis.

Additionally, the Building Defence Capability Payment (BDCP) scheme has been addressed as part of the organisational change and ADFTA is waiting on formal advice as to the way ahead. These deliverables were all to be completed within an approved designated timeframe.

DSTG – Joint and Operations Analysis Division Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) Technical Expert

A team of researchers of the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) was engaged in a study looking at designing a new generation military operational headquarters (HQ) where an autonomous system will play an integral role. Whenever new technology is thought of being introduced to the existing work system, a number of concerns arise that need to be carefully considered. The DSTG engagement of a researcher with Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) technical expertise to conduct a feasibility study into assessing suitability of CWA technique for guiding the HQ through the introduction of autonomous systems into its processes and whether any modification to CWA would be necessary in order to apply it to the design of a complex sociotechnical system.

The feasibility study is to be conducted by testing application of CWA to:

  • Understand the existing process (a process) of the headquarters (work domain)
  • Determine what tasks within this process render themselves to autonomous agents

Ascertain what mix of skills/characteristics a sociotechnical system should include in order to harness strengths of individual components. in providing effective/agile response to environmental contingencies. HTR’s Consultant was asked to conduct a feasibility study into assessing suitability of CWA technique for guiding the HQ through the introduction of autonomous systems into its processes and / or whether any modification to CWA would be necessary in order to apply it to the design of a complex sociotechnical system.

Military Geographic Information Systems Program Office (MGISPO) Contract Management

To perform Request for Tender (RFT) Development and Procurement Support at the MGI SPO (LAND 1771 Phase1). LAND 1771 Phase 1 Geospatial Support System (GSS) for the Land Force has achieved First Pass Approval on 08 December 2015. The Project Office (PO) requires supplementation of an Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) Organisation support with the skills identified below in order to complete the Geospatial Aerial Sensor System (GASS) tendering process and deliver a quality contract prior to Second Pass. The OSP Organisation shall provide specialist procurement expertise in support of LAND 1771 Phase 1 Geospatial Support System (GSS) approach to Industry. The OSP shall have the following skill sets and demonstrated experience in Procurement and Contract Management Support, specifically: planning and conducting procurement and contracting activities utilising the ASDEFCON suite of contracting templates.

The HTR Engineering Consultant engaged under the OSP Contract was required to work in a team with other contractors/OSP’s and in cooperation with Project Office (PO) staff and other CASG enabling services, such as Procurement and Contracting Support Branch (PCSB) who deliver a wide range of commercial and contracting services to CASG and the wider Defence community. The overall task involves the development of the Request for Tender (RFT) package and Tender Evaluation Plan (TEP) for the GASS and assistance with the associated evaluation activities and negotiation preparation activities to enable the PO to proceed to Contract Negotiation in accordance with the LAND1771 Ph1 schedule. HTR Engineering was required to complete this work in a period of twelve months from March 2016 to February 2017. Our Consultant helped coordinate the preparation, review and finalisation of the Request for Tender (RFT) package, including the Conditions of Tender (COT), draft Conditions of Contract (COC) and Statement of Work (SOW) inclusive of all supporting documents, plus Draft the Statement of Work. He would also liaise with internal and external stakeholders on the RFT and related procurement matters. This role also required him to prepare Procurement and Solicitation Documentation related to the development and release of the RFT package plus the Tender Evaluation Plan for Commonwealth review and approval. HTR Engineering had to support the PM LAND 1771 Phase 1 (PM LND 1771) throughout the RFT Solicitation Period in matter incidental to the RFT process, including the preparation of responses to industry clarification questions for review and release. Later he helped support and participate in the Tender Evaluation as a member of an assigned Tender Evaluation Working Group (TEWG).